Rise Up Femininity!

A Special Book.

This is an important collection of poetry made for all women of the world, to stand the test of time, as a beacon of hope through the darkness, written to inspire women, and those who support women, to keep on fighting, to keep on living their lives and to continue to do the important work of self-care and self-healing. Enjoy this journey of an anthology of poetry as it takes you from one inspiration to another, telling the story of a woman who has lived through hardship and who has come out on the other side of those hardships as shining, with hope.


“Powerful, moving and strong. Each poem leaves you with a different profound feeling and perspective - thinking on, long after you’re done reading. I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

Powerful and Poignant.

“This collection of poetry goes straight to the heart and makes you think as well as feel. There is pain to be sure but also survival. You won't ever forget these poems or the courage of the author who gave them to us.”

Raw and emotionally powerful.

“The author delivers a raw, unpolished but viscerally powerful message through her poetry. You will feel while reading through her work. It's raw and unpolished but in the best way, the honest emotion is powerful and moving.”

Accessible and Emotive.

“Anjuli writes with passion and warmth amidst some very deep subject material. There is a natural rhythm to her poetry and intelligent word play which doesn't make the poetry heavy handed. Whether you are a feminist or not there is immediate resonance with this writer due to her direct first person voice. The poetry is like a strong woman sitting with you and willing you to value yourself even more, even when things seem insurmountable and painful. A truly gifted and passionate poet.”

From the Hands of a Survivor

Published in 2022.


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